Vintage Audio Equipment Retorsion for 2022

We sell vintage audio equipment. We’re talking high-end tube equipment like microphones, tape recorders, amplifiers, spare parts, and consoles. We handle brands like: Neumann, AKG, Telefunken, Melodium, Western Electric, TAB, Hiller, Eckmiller, Funke, AVO, Revox, Studer, Altec, Collins, Dynacord, Tuchel, Schoeps, Westrex, EMT, RCA, etc…

Our wonderful website has been offline because someone forgot to pay the bills but fear not for we will be back within the next few months with quality information regarding the best audio equipment you can purchase on the Internet. Here at we want to provide you with the greatest source of vintage equipment on the planet. While you wait, check out this video on some kick-ass equipment.


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